Velomobilis (Velomobile) Go-Kart 1504 Black (5-12 years)

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Kodas: 1504-BLACK

Velomobilis (Velomobile) Go-Kart 1504 Black (5-12 years)

Age 5 - 12
Ratai EVA
Dimensions 122 x 60 cm
Maximal weight 50 kg
Spalva Juoda
Velokart Go-Kart 1504
Is summer already around the corner? Are you currently planning active pastime with your family? Do you want to diversify the leisure time of your children? We recommend that you please them with a modern, safe and eco-friendly means of transportation – a go-cart!
Velomobile is a very economical children’s transport because it does not need any charging, unlike expensive electric cars, but you can be sure that it will bring the same amount of joy to your child!
This convenient and comfortable vehicle for kids will make your son or daughter be more active and at the same time attentive, because your little one will constantly improve the coordination of his/her movements, choosing the best direction while driving. Similar to a bicycle, the go-cart has pedals, so your child will develop knee joints and the entire musculoskeletal system. The good news is that the velomobile is much easier to drive!
Velocart wheels are made of EVA rubber, it is the top material for children's transport. EVA tyres are both practical and comfortable: they are as soft in cushioning as the inflatable ones, but unlike inflatable tyres, they cannot be pierced or blown off.
However, the main advantage of this type of transport is that it is almost impossible to fall from it! Like its analogues, Go-Kart 1504 is stable and secure thanks to its reliable metal construction. In addition, since this model is designed for children aged 5 to 12 years, you can adjust the height of the seat as the child grows up and continue using this go-cart for a long time! If you have more than one child in your family, older/younger brothers and sisters will also be able to use this transport! This purchase will be an excellent contribution to the development and leisure of your children, and they will now willingly ask you to go for a walk!
Order the Go-Kart 1504 model and enjoy active leisure during warm sunny days together with your kids!
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