Inflatable Sled “Tropical” 95 cm, Blue-Green

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Inflatable Sled “Tropical” 95 cm, Blue-Green
Code: 01397-95
Size 95 cm
Weight 2 kg
Guarantee 2 years

The most popular and affordable entertainment in winter is sliding down the hills.  An original sliding tube "Snow Tube" will be excellent for sliding down a snowy slope.

The tubing sled is a construction made of an automobile inner tube and a durable polyvinyl chloride case. The main feature of this model is the availability of two reinforced strap handles, sewn on the tubing. In addition, the sled is supplied with a zipper for quick access to the inner tube, and a towing strap.


  • The case material slides excellently on the surface; it is water and dirt resistant.
  • Working temperatures of the product – from - 40 up to +70 degrees Celsius
  • The sled endures the weight of an adult or several children. Maximum user weight is 120 kg.
  • At the end of  the sliding season the inner tube is deflated and is kept folded, taking very little room.
  • The side straps prevent the product from losing its form.

The sled diameter is 95 cm. The model is light and stable, it gains speed quickly. The steering of the sled can be hard on really steep slopes, so it is recommended to use the tube on even surfaces without obstacles that can cause collision.  

To buy the tubing sled "Snow Tube" means to provide yourself and your family with active vacation on snowy hills.